The Final Stretch

Here we are, folks. Coming into the final stretch. I think we have ten more days? Wow.

Anyways, at this point, everything is pretty set and ready to go. We have the Church, the hall, the caterer, the cake (thanks in advance, Trisha!), the flowers, the DJ, the tables, the … everything else!

Oh, but wait. We don’t have a dress yet…WHAT?! 

The dress was supposed to be ready for pick up on May 20th. What’s today’s date? Oh, June 26th. After about a dozen phone calls with my bridal gown consultant and a dozen more with the designer..we are still waiting. I’m not all too worried, there are back up plans, the seamstress is on board with a rush order..we are good still. I think. I’ll keep you updated!


I apologize for such a delay in blog posts. There really are a million things to get done in preparing for a wedding. My to-do list is at least six pages long. Slowly but surely, everything is getting crossed off..or delegated to someone else..or give up on because I realized it’s not that important..

Now that I am out of school, there is supposedly more time in my day to get things ready for the big day..but most of my time has been spent packing up twenty-four years of memories and junk, apartment searching, job hunting, and laying directly underneath the ceiling fan to cool off from the Texas heat!

After about two months of waiting and back-and-forth deliberating, we have finally been given our missionary assignment for this coming school year. We will be serving at South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota! God has a plan, and we are happy to be a part of it.

Last week I was blessed to travel to Ave Maria, Florida, a quaint little Catholic university town to visit Andrew and attend parts of FOCUS’ New Staff Training (NST.) It was a beautiful location and a great opportunity for us to enjoy ourselves without thinking of oh so many wedding plans, at least not during this sunset:


Anyways, I hope everything is going well on your end of things. Andrew and I are really excited to share in this Sacrament together and have you as our witnesses :)

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