It’s been a while…

Wow, I knew life as newlyweds would be busy – afterall, we’ve hit four major life changing events in less than four months..three of those within the first week of July – but I never meant to neglect the blog…

Don’t you worry, fair readers, I will get better! I have a few posts I’m currently working on, and blogging is now in my day planner for at least three times a week, we’ll see if I can stick to it!

A few updates:

The Big Four – They say there are like seven major life changing events – and we hit four of them in less than four months. 

1. We got married! But you knew that already. Married Life is fun. Married Life is hard. Married Life is full of prayer, or else we wouldn’t survive.

2. We moved! We both moved, Andrew moving from Mankato, MN, where he spent the last two years, and I am moving from Pearland, TX, where I have spent the last 24 years. It’s a bigger deal for me than him. Especially the weather change. I normally would still be wearing sundresses and flip flops, but now I’m wearing sundresses with cardigans and tights and socks and boots. I hear there’s a chance for snow this weekend?! What!?

3. Andrew got a promotion! He is now serving the mission of FOCUS as a team director. This means he has more of a leadership role on campus and within the team. (I have a post planned to introduce you to the team, they’re great.)

4. I got a job! I started last week as a fifth grade Math and Reading teacher at a school here in Brookings. Since I am starting five weeks late, I am having to play catch-up and work five times as hard. But it’s a good thing. The hardest part so far is getting used to a new schedule all over again – Andrew and I both got used to me being home and available pretty much all the time.

Some other notes:

I am technically going back to school, taking a South Dakota history course for my teacher certification..and it’s kicking my butt. It’s weird to be on the other side of the classroom again, but I am up to the challenge!

I am starting a bow making business, on the side. I’ll update you more on that later. Hoping to get a good name for myself in the Catholic community before Christmas..

We are praying a lot. For you. For our families. For our friends. For our mission partners. For our siblings in Christ, whether we know them or not.

Hope all is well. 

In Christ,

Andrew and Christi

PS – We could use your prayers too ;)

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