HI! For today’s 7 in 7, I’m linking up with the host of 7 in 7, Conversion Diary. Each week, hundreds of bloggers join her for 7 Quick Takes every Friday. So now I’m joining with that too!

Check it out:

1. Ben came to visit us yesterday. He is one of our best friends. We just love him. He is also the first person to visit us and stay the night, and he can attest, we don’t bite! We love visitors!

2. There are exactly 52 days left of school. The kids aren’t counting down yet, just me.

3. We are making some new friends tonight. Some friends of friends invited us over for dinner and games. She had mentioned how lonely they were when they first moved here and thought we might enjoy a night with them..how sweet! Perhaps an update next week!

4. I sorta kinda maybe feel like I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing..do you feel that too?

5. My desk is a mess. It always has been. But it will NOT always be. I need to get organized..ASAP.

6. Sometimes I think I function a little better with a little chaos. It’s kind of motivating. When things are too perfect, I don’t want to mess with them..

7. I think I might make #7QT a regular installment on the ‘ol blogger..yes. I will.

Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo, christi

#7QT on Conversion Diary

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