One of the best parts of our mission with FOCUS is definitely the students. It is our joy to watch them grow and run towards Christ and His Church. It is our joy to share with them in this journey. It is our joy to call them our friends.

Today, we had to call upon four of our friends, including our teammate Kathryn. You see, Mother Nature decided to dump seven inches of snow is as many hours even though Spring begins in sixteen days. Not funny, Mother Nature.


And because there was so much snow in so little time and so late in the day, our car got stuck. We struggled for a half hour on our own, without a shovel, and then called in reinforcements. Thanks the Good Lord for Sandy, Charles, Daniel, and Kathryn :)




Ah, my favorite state. I know I’m a little biased, as I was born and raised there and just recently moved away..but it is a great state. And to celebrate the Lone Star State’s Independence Day (March 2 – yesterday) … I made these beauties!

Texas, our Texas, all EAT the mighty state!

Texas, our Texas, all EAT the mighty state!

I know, not the prettiest cookie you ever did see, but I’m working on it! It might be also helpful to note that these were made in the wee wee hours of the morn whilst I waited for my sweet husband to return from calf-ing with a friend. Yes, he went to help a friend on a farm who has about 300 preggo steggo cows to tend to.

Hope y’all had a good weekend :)

7in7, about 27 minutes late

I didn’t *totally* forget!

Highlight of the day:

Nicole and Jared got married! You may remember Nicole as my maid of honor. The three of us all went to high school together but didn’t really know it. Then we all went to the same itty bitty Catholic school in the heart of Houston, Texas. It was a place full of knowledge for the spirit and the mind….okay, okay, I’ll stop quoting/singing unofficial song lyrics.

Anyways, they got hitched after dating for about seven years. Unfortunately because we love in South Dakota and ticket prices are super super expensive, we could not go :( BUT! We did celebrate from afar! We drove over and hour through a semi-blizzard to get to Mass in Sioux Falls, only to get re-routed and then stumble upon a different church that was having Mass at the same time…in Spanish.

So we still shared in their joy, just in a different state and in a different language..

So hats off to them, welcome to the club ;)