{7QT} — week 1 (again)

I think once upon a time I linked up with 7QT – a chance to just give seven quick takes or peeks into our lives over the past week. Here goes! I didn’t really plan anything spectacular, but thought I’d just share a photo dump of some things we did this week:


 Zachary had to start wearing pajamas again, because it’s getting cooler here in South Dakota. He is pretty stinking cute with those dinosaur feet!


 Zachary really wants to see what’s behind this door! It’s the door to the sacristy at our Newman Center, where his best pal, Fr Andrew, gets things ready for Mass. He likes to wait for him and listen to his conversations through this little vent :)


 Our sleepy little boy :)


 My attempt at Milky Buns, which are ice cream sandwiches using donuts. Unfortunately I started the ice cream too late so it ended up being donuts drizzled in milkshakes!


 My two boys, bowling together. Not sure why Andy’s pants are rolled up like that!


 Celebrating Hobo Day! More on this to come in tomorrow’s Mission Monday post!


  At the Hobo Day parade, Zachary  got a balloon , too cute!
I hope to be more timely in the future with these Quick Takes, but we will just have to wait and see!


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