To kick off the new year…

I need to get better with posting more regularly. I take pictures with blogging in mind, but the posts never get done..I don’t want to say that I resolve to blog more, but I do want to blog more. I want to share our life with you, especially our mission partners who so generously help us in the mission of FOCUS

I’m currently at school now, so I don’t have time for a full recap of our trip to Texas this Christmas..but I wanted to share a cool picture from the Student Leadership Summit (#sls14) this past weekend. 


Over 1500 student leaders from across the country, hailing from schools big and small, including 51 from South Dakota State University or nearby campuses, gathered to share in the graces of God and learn how to better evangelize to their peers and help lead them to a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. I’ll write more on the conference, I promise. I also have a student who I want to interview for a post or two as well. 

Hope y’all have a great Thursday!

God bless.


Jesse Tree? Advent Wreath? Three Wisemen?

While we are a small family for now, I want to start some family traditions this upcoming Advent/Christmas season..what have y’all done? What do you think of the Jesse Tree? Advent Wreaths? Three Wisemen?

I don’t want to do the secular stuff with our kids like Elf on the Shelf, because 1) He looks creepy as all get out and 2) There are way more important and meaningful traditions we could partake in..

Look at those creepy eyes..

Look at those creepy eyes..

For the Jesse Tree tradition, there are 28 ornaments that correlate with 28 Bible stories in Salvation History..this is one of Andrew’s favorite subjects, so I think we could really go crazy with it and influence all who enter our home..and look how pretty these ornaments are!

jesse tree

Click the image to see more! And maybe purchase them for yourselves or a friend!

What are some of your family traditions? I’d love to hear!

Have a great day, and for those of you up North with me, stay safe in that snow/ice!

I’m pretty sure I saw snowflakes this morning.

While it’s not as bad as what West River got a few weeks ago, there were definitely a few snow flurries on my windshield today. Good thing I went on a shopping spree this weekend with my in-laws for some new winter clothing! While Andrew was at interview weekend for FOCUS, I was shopping it up at the Mall of America, getting ready for this thing they call “winter.” Heaven, help me.spearfish-south-dakota_iwitness-guzva84-620x348

PS, my little brother and I named our puppy Flurry after the snow flurries that fell in Texas that Christmas..I think I’m in for a little more than a few flurries..


It’s been a while…

Wow, I knew life as newlyweds would be busy – afterall, we’ve hit four major life changing events in less than four months..three of those within the first week of July – but I never meant to neglect the blog…

Don’t you worry, fair readers, I will get better! I have a few posts I’m currently working on, and blogging is now in my day planner for at least three times a week, we’ll see if I can stick to it!

A few updates:

The Big Four – They say there are like seven major life changing events – and we hit four of them in less than four months. 

1. We got married! But you knew that already. Married Life is fun. Married Life is hard. Married Life is full of prayer, or else we wouldn’t survive.

2. We moved! We both moved, Andrew moving from Mankato, MN, where he spent the last two years, and I am moving from Pearland, TX, where I have spent the last 24 years. It’s a bigger deal for me than him. Especially the weather change. I normally would still be wearing sundresses and flip flops, but now I’m wearing sundresses with cardigans and tights and socks and boots. I hear there’s a chance for snow this weekend?! What!?

3. Andrew got a promotion! He is now serving the mission of FOCUS as a team director. This means he has more of a leadership role on campus and within the team. (I have a post planned to introduce you to the team, they’re great.)

4. I got a job! I started last week as a fifth grade Math and Reading teacher at a school here in Brookings. Since I am starting five weeks late, I am having to play catch-up and work five times as hard. But it’s a good thing. The hardest part so far is getting used to a new schedule all over again – Andrew and I both got used to me being home and available pretty much all the time.

Some other notes:

I am technically going back to school, taking a South Dakota history course for my teacher certification..and it’s kicking my butt. It’s weird to be on the other side of the classroom again, but I am up to the challenge!

I am starting a bow making business, on the side. I’ll update you more on that later. Hoping to get a good name for myself in the Catholic community before Christmas..

We are praying a lot. For you. For our families. For our friends. For our mission partners. For our siblings in Christ, whether we know them or not.

Hope all is well. 

In Christ,

Andrew and Christi

PS – We could use your prayers too ;)

our call

Good morning, friends!

Andrew and I are still going strong. Two weeks may not seem like a long time, but there have been lots of changes in our life ever so quickly. We got married. We spent lots of time with family. We moved across the country. We started living together. We started working together. 

While Andrew is a full-time FOCUS missionary, I support him and his team as a missionary spouse. This role doesn’t have much definition, I can make it what I want it to be. I can serve a lot, I can serve a little. It all kind of depends on how I feel called to the mission, the team, and the students. 

Speaking of our work with FOCUS, Father Jim Chern, a friend and chaplain of FOCUS, gave an excellent homily this past Sunday in regards to the work of Mary and Martha and how they live their individual callings – read about it here.

My favorite quote: Ultimately, the lesson that Jesus teaches us through Martha and Mary is that what matters, what is the “better part” for each and everyone of us – priests, lay people, FOCUS missionaries – doesn’t come down to what it is we are called to do – but how we do what we’re called to do. Are we responding with pure love for Christ?

That’s a hard pill to swallow – are we doing what we are supposed to be doing? Are we saying yes?

Hope you have a great Monday, I hope to have some more wedding pictures to post soon.

PS – For those joining us in the second reception this weekend at the Tomsche’s, we look forward to seeing you!

the two become one flesh

Phew! It’s been a whirlwind of a time! Just a quick update, we are officially moved into our apartment in Brookings, South Dakota – the drive was long, but smooth. Special thanks to Jun-V and April for letting us stay with them along the way!

I am working on a longer post with some more details of the last two weeks of our life – look forward to that – but for now, here is a sneak peak at some wedding pictures!


The Final Stretch

Here we are, folks. Coming into the final stretch. I think we have ten more days? Wow.

Anyways, at this point, everything is pretty set and ready to go. We have the Church, the hall, the caterer, the cake (thanks in advance, Trisha!), the flowers, the DJ, the tables, the … everything else!

Oh, but wait. We don’t have a dress yet…WHAT?! 

The dress was supposed to be ready for pick up on May 20th. What’s today’s date? Oh, June 26th. After about a dozen phone calls with my bridal gown consultant and a dozen more with the designer..we are still waiting. I’m not all too worried, there are back up plans, the seamstress is on board with a rush order..we are good still. I think. I’ll keep you updated!


I apologize for such a delay in blog posts. There really are a million things to get done in preparing for a wedding. My to-do list is at least six pages long. Slowly but surely, everything is getting crossed off..or delegated to someone else..or give up on because I realized it’s not that important..

Now that I am out of school, there is supposedly more time in my day to get things ready for the big day..but most of my time has been spent packing up twenty-four years of memories and junk, apartment searching, job hunting, and laying directly underneath the ceiling fan to cool off from the Texas heat!

After about two months of waiting and back-and-forth deliberating, we have finally been given our missionary assignment for this coming school year. We will be serving at South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota! God has a plan, and we are happy to be a part of it.

Last week I was blessed to travel to Ave Maria, Florida, a quaint little Catholic university town to visit Andrew and attend parts of FOCUS’ New Staff Training (NST.) It was a beautiful location and a great opportunity for us to enjoy ourselves without thinking of oh so many wedding plans, at least not during this sunset:


Anyways, I hope everything is going well on your end of things. Andrew and I are really excited to share in this Sacrament together and have you as our witnesses :)

Where has the time gone?

Wow! We are under the fifty-day mark! Where has the time gone?

Andrew and I can’t wait to share in this Sacrament together and we are blessed to have you all as a part of it too :)

A few updates –

As of right now, we don’t exactly know where we will be living after the wedding. FOCUS has a lot of balls up in the air right now and they’re trying to find us the perfect fit. Andrew just returned from a week in Denver for Leadership training with FOCUS. He’ll spend the next six weeks or so in Ave Maria, Florida for New Staff Training, and I will join him for a week or so in the middle of June. After school ends in a couple of weeks, I’ll spend my time finishing up the wedding plans and packing up for our move.

Thank you for your love, support and prayers,