Challenge Accepted

Good morning! 

I have decided to bite the bullet and follow the footsteps of many of my favorite bloggers, including fellow FOCUS missionary, Kelsey, to write seven posts in seven days. Along with many other bloggers, I will write, well, seven posts in seven days. The idea sparked my attention when Kelsey mentioned cutting out perfectionism and simply writing. I want to write more, I just get so controlling and my perfectionist tendencies lead me away from pressing the publish button..

So here goes. Seven posts in seven days. Day One.

Some of you who receive our quarterly newsletters* may have noticed a new feature entitled Christi’s Corner. Cute title, I know.

Anyways, I wrote about my main part of the mission has been through hospitality. I have always had a knack for baking and setting the table correctly, but it’s so much more than that. Most teams of FOCUS missionaries have a weekly team dinner or meal. On teams past, the cooking/hosting has been passed around from missionary to missionary, and sometimes it can start to feel like another thing to add to the to-do list. This summer, after talking to a few other missionary families, Andrew and I decided that we would host the dinner each week, and that I would do all of the shopping/preparing/cooking/baking/cleaning so that our teammates (including Andrew) could rest, relax, and truly enjoy the meal. This is our way to serve them. It has quickly become my favorite night of the week, besides date night, and has even allowed me to improve some skills in the kitchen. 

More importantly, it has allowed me (and Andrew, too) to grow in the areas of hospitality and humility, by God’s grace, of course. Let’s start with hospitality:

And now, the bonus grace: Humility. There have been a number of times that the team has come in the front door to a cloud of smoke or the blare of a smoke detector. There was one night that was so bad that pizza was ordered. There have been nights when I just don’t feel like cooking, but die a little bit to myself and my own laziness. I think these moments are given to us to keep us human. Obviously, I’m not perfect. In growing in humility, I am coming to closer to full revelation that I am nothing compared to Him, Jesus Christ, who suffered and died for us. Thanks Jesus :)



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